Classes/Group Training


MOVE well, MOVE more. This class will take each of your joints through their full range of motion so you can obtain more mobility. If you have pain anywhere in your body, our MOVE class should be on your schedule. Here, we’ll crank up the infrared heating panels to decrease your inflammation, to get you moving and feeling better.


Learn the basics in this fundamental class – like lifts and exercises you need to get strong and move as a human should. Get a killer workout by following our proven system to live a pain-free life, and look good naked. Because of the technical instruction and effort by our staff, this small-group training for $15/session.


This is about your ZONE and how you can increase your overall work capacity. As our version of a H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) class, the ZONE class is designed around your personal abilities and allows you to compete against friends and classmates, regardless of fitness level.