What is a Move Class?


What is a Move Class?

As we age, it feels as if our bodies don’t want to do what they used to do. Getting up from a sitting position on the floor is a significant feat of athleticism the older you get. Stiffness, restricted range of motion and instability get progressively worse as the years march by.

Are you able to move as well as you did even 5 years ago?

Are you as sure of foot as you were when you were younger?

A big concern for the older population is of them falling down. While many young people got a lot of comedic value from the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” commercials, the struggle for older people is real. And stability issues began long before they had a fall.

Most people just learn to live with aches, pains, and occasional instability as they age. They laugh off their limitations with a casual, “I’m getting old” comment. The problem is, that left unaddressed, these issues are no laughing matter and they get progressively worse as time goes on. It’s a self-imposed life limitation that few people even question.

While many people have turned to yoga to address their mobility and stability issues, yoga isn’t the answer. Even though it’s been wildly popular in the last 20 years, it’s a trend that can cause more damage than good. It mostly forces your body into pointless unnatural positions that don’t address your underlying problems or benefit you in your everyday life.
The good news is that there is a better way. You can recapture some of your youth, live pain and injury-free, starting today thanks to The Move class offered by The Blueprint Gym in McKinney.

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The Move Class Details

The Blueprint Fitness gym is the first and only fitness center in the McKinney area to offer The Move class. The Move class was built by industry experts, designed around the way the human body is supposed to move. It’s for everyone who wants to enjoy pain-free movement and recapture a portion of their youthful ease and flow of movement.

Today many people don’t walk correctly nor are they able to even crawl anymore. In the Move class, we begin by making sure you have basic locomotor movement patterns and build from there. We focus on the biomechanics of your whole body all the way down to the big toes on your feet. Only after you master the basics do you move on to more advanced movements reducing your risk of injury and strengthening your foundation.

We also teach you how to breathe correctly. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to breathe. We teach proper diaphragmatic breathing techniques that have the side benefit of reducing elevated cortisol levels associated with stress.

All classes are taught by industry professionals under our infrared heating panels to aid in soft-tissue mobilization and decreased inflammation.

3 Move class options to choose from

At the Blueprint, we offer 3 different classes to accomplish better mobility and stability.

Move Restore – a foundation class taught by licensed massage therapists. In this class, participants will learn how to breathe correctly by accessing their diaphragm and becoming consciously aware of which nervous system they are operating in.

Move 1 – a class primarily for those who have baseline mobility issues. This class is designed to challenge end ranges of motion in the 5 major joints and to decrease neurological tone within the soft tissues of the body. If you do not move very well or feel “stiff,” then Move 1 is for you.

Move 2 – was designed for those who do not necessarily have mobility issues but who lack the stability of the 5 major joints. Most of the time, females are more mobile and flexible compared to their male counterparts. Still, they do not have firm motor control or stability – thus leading to injury.

What people are saying about Move

But don’t take our word for it – check out our Tuesday testimonials. We have countless testimonials from people whose lives have been changed from attending our Move classes.

Ready to learn more? We help you to identify your specific movement limitations in our 7-point movement screen. Visit Adriatica Fitness Club today to learn more about how we tailor a plan customized to meet your fitness needs and goals.

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ABOUT OUR AUTHOR: Blueprint member Kaylene Mathews is a freelance writer specializing in health and fitness, and personal development. Learn more at www.kaylenewrites.com