You Won’t Hate Treadmills Anymore After You Try This One

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You Won’t Hate Treadmills Anymore After You Try This One

Having participated in two marathons and numerous distance running events, I’ve clocked many hours on the treadmill. 

I used to call it a dreadmill because I hated running on it. I would only run on the treadmill if I thought running outside might lead to an imminent risk of early death.

Interestingly, I always seemed to tweak something when I ran on a treadmill, which is probably one of the reasons I didn’t enjoy it. And I could never figure out why I always ended up with a mild injury, until now.

Traditional Treadmill Mechanics

Traditional treadmills force your body into an unnatural stride due to the design of the machine. 

An unnatural stride causes your gait to be off, forcing your body out of its natural alignment. Repetitively running out of alignment can lead to injury over time.

When running on a treadmill at a zero incline, it mimics a slight downhill slant, which can cause stress in your shins, possibly leading to shin splints. This is what usually happened to me.

 When you’re on a traditional treadmill, you may notice that your shoulders rise, and your head tilts down slightly. This positioning can cause strain and stress on your shoulders, neck, and spine.

Other injury-causing effects of traditional treadmills can be the inability to manage your speed effectively, increasing the risk of overstriding.

Additional concerns are a strain on hip-flexors, Achilles, and ITBand pains.

While there are ways to avoid injury on a traditional treadmill, you could choose a treadmill that encourages proper form to begin with.

Enter the TrueForm Runner.

What is a TrueForm Runner?

Named on the RunnersWorld 2020 treadmill recommended list, the Truform runner is a non-motorized treadmill with a shallow curved running belt that promotes a natural running gait.

RunnersWorld, a reliable source for everything running, conducted extensive research on 36 of the newest treadmills comparing quality and features.

The Trueform Runner made the list because of the way it allows the runner to experience indoor running with natural outdoor mechanics.

The curved belt is sensitive to the organic feedback of your body, allowing you to control your speed more effectively than a traditional treadmill. It moves at your command. You don’t have to worry about trying to hit a touch screen to slow yourself down or speed yourself up.

The shape and design also force you to run with good posture, so that you run more efficiently.

According to TrueForm’s website, the Runner also reduces running asymmetry.

You may be asking what running asymmetry is and why it matters.

Lack of symmetry or asymmetry is caused by differences between both sides of the body. It’s most often noticed in differences in muscle strength, motion, flexibility, balance, and mechanics.

An asymmetry exists in everyone; however, too much asymmetry over time can lead to injury, which is why running symmetry is so important.

Jay Dicharry, running biomechanics expert, and author of Anatomy For Runners, states that “Running requires mobility, stability, strength, and power.” He stresses a goal of 95% symmetrical running form in his athletes.

Trueform also states that you will burn 44% more calories than you would on a traditional treadmill because of the curvature of the belt. The curved belt requires more effort to operate as it is entirely dependent on the pressure of your stride to move.

Trueform is suitable for every fitness and activity level, from walking to competitive running.

What treadmill is at your gym?

I’ve been a member of several different gyms over the years. It was not uncommon to see rows of treadmills lined up, where people were just trudging away on them with little concern for their form.

At Adriatica Fitness Club, we pride ourselves in our state of the art equipment. 

We bring you the best equipment to bring out your best performance. 

That is why you will find the TrueForm Runner at Blueprint, amongst other advanced, cutting edge equipment.

Try it out for yourself with our free 10-day trial and see the difference for yourself.

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